Its been awhile…

As the title to this post says, its been awhile since I posted last, but I have a good reason, I promise.

First,  I finally graduated with my BA from Georgia Southern University….yay!!!

It has been a long road in obtaining this.  After my divorce several years ago, my first major goal was to go back to college and finish.  After many attempts over a span of twenty+ years I finallfullsizerendery accomplished it!

Second, I have accomplished another major goal…continuing my education at my dream college to become a librarian. August 2016 I was accepted and started graduate school at the University of South Carolina!  Go Gamecocks!!!

I am still in shock and giddy that I am actually here!  SO many obstacles and I have beat them all so far.  I am on my way to becoming a librarian…no no…an information specialist 🙂

Visits from the grave


We have finally had some really nice weather lately, so I have been trying to get back into my routine of walking during my lunch breaks. My co-workers know that I like to do this and today one asked if I wanted to walk with her on our lunch break through the graveyard near our work. Strange?  I think not!  I dig some historic graveyards, which this particular one is, so I was in.

We work at a very big university and the campus seems to never sleep, so it was fascinating to me, especially given the location, at how quiet this place was as we took only a few short steps inside the gates of the cemetery.

The thing about historic cemeteries and graveyards that intrigues me the most is the way in which people paid tribute to those they lost. You don’t see the amazing detail and art that went into these sites in our modern cemeteries. Seeing how our society’s relationship with death has evolved with the gradual removal of ourselves and the community from the traditions of honoring those that have passed is more disturbing and feels so cold than walking among these old and beautiful resting places to me.

Walking through this place, I immediately recognized it to be a combination of my favorite models of cemeteries, a pioneer and transitional southern folk cemetery. Some of the aspects of this type of cemetery can be distinguished by the designation of family plots with ornate gates or fences, intricately designed tombstones or grave markers, use of specific vegetation such as magnolia trees, crape myrtles, cedars, and evergreens, and the location usually is on or along a hilltop. As you can see, I’ve done a bit of research.


Ever since moving from Oregon to the southern states some 20 years ago, the history here has highly interested me and these cemeteries are part of that rich, deep history of our country that I find so many pass on really paying attention to.  I’m here to tell ya, they are totally missing out.

true thespian

The theater is a rough place!

My youngest daughter had to go to the doctor the other day to have her knee looked at because she got trampled on during a scene of the high school play she was in this past weekend. She fell hard, banging her knee pretty bad, but like a true thespian, she only skipped the scene right after to shake it off then kept on going with a smile on her face through the rest of the show.

Her dad and I were pretty sure it was just really bruised, but she kept complaining about the pain more and more as the week went on.  Granted, she has had P.E. these last nine weeks of school that may have been irritating it a bit, but for safety sake we took her on in and had them x-ray it.

A few classes skipped and a couple hours later….

All is well.  Just a deep bone bruise.  Doc gave her a note to stay out of P.E. (which she was  definitely happy about…haha!), told us to ice it, and to give her some Motrin.

If the fact that her high school picked “High School Musical” as the play for this year or that she was trampled by a “Wildcat” resulting in an injured knee did not dampen my daughters love for the theater then I would have to say she is a true thespian indeed!

I am very proud of her and truly enjoyed watching her and her classmates perform, but I will admit, I am so glad I don’t have to hear another damn song from “High School Musical” again!

Are all you parents of teens  “All in This Together” on that one?  HA!


Aliens visit

1996 motion picture Mars Attacks!


As I mentioned in a recent post, my sister who lives two hours away was coming to visit this past weekend. Despite the craziness of two toddlers, my very opinionated sister, and her husband… it went well. I survived by some miracle!  Actually, if it wasn’t for the help of my boyfriend, I might not be blogging right now and instead be in a padded cell somewhere…haha!  He and I live a couple hours away from each other and it just happened to be our weekend together thankfully.  I feel terrible that he had to put up with my stress that inevitably was spewed all over him, but he handled it like a champ.

My sister and I came from a pretty messed up childhood and we both deal with it in our own way.  I don’t agree with where she places the blame and anger from our past hurts and of course, she doesn’t agree with mine either. Mix in those feelings, a couple loud and crazy toddlers, and a few  beers and you got yourself a mess! My sister can be pretty rough with words and doesn’t think about how it may make someone feel. I have a hard time dealing with this and internalize.  Unfortunately, my anger and frustration come out eventually and not always in a positive way. Even worse, it is taken out on an innocent bystander most of the time.  After this visit, that bystander was my boyfriend. He had traveled a long way to spend time with me and instead of telling my sister that the things she was saying and doing bothered me, I took it out on him.

I hate when I do that and I wish I knew why I do it. It seems like an alien has taken over my brain and is using my body for its evil plan when this happens. And then, when I realize what this demon symbiote is doing, its too late and feelings are hurt and time is wasted on stupidity. I need to know how to change this about myself.  I need to find a way to kick this alien’s ass and deal with the stress and anxiety in a constructive way so I’m not attacking and damaging the good relationships in my life.

Luckily, I have a great guy who is extremely patient and understanding.  After I realized what I had done and why, I apologized and tried my best to make things right.  Lots of communication later…

We had a great rest of the weekend together and I hopefully will be better prepared when  another alien attacks!



Music Finds Continued….

I expressed my love for music in the previous post and still am on the sharing this subject kick so here we go…

I live in a vibrant college town where new bands and music flow through it constantly. I recently took my daughters to see John Paul White from the former Civil Wars. To be in a small venue with an artist is more of an intimate experience with them and the music.  My kids have been exposed to this type of setting on the regular and are truly spoiled..haha!  The biggest concert I have taken my kids to was Of Monsters & Men and my daughter, although she loves the band, hated the crowd and the lack of interaction she felt with the band.  Not all was lost at this concert though. We loved their opening act, another Swedish band, Amason.  Their album, Sky City and the song “NFB” rocks!

Our local college radio station is a great source to find some great stuff. The student DJ’s are hilariously terrible, but the records they spin are pretty damn cool. A few we were drawn to were…

Coke Weed – a psychedelic rock band from Bar Harbor, Maine. Love their song “All the Shades”

Paper Aeroplanes – a Brit folk rock band. Their newer album Joy is awesome!

Horse Feathers – an American indie folk band from my hometown Portland, Oregon. Love the singer/songwriter vibe.  Been diggin indie folk lately so really like them.

AURORA – amazing singer from Norway.  My daughter loved her so much that her dad got her the vinyl import EP for Christmas that almost didn’t make it in time because it was from overseas. AURORA has been getting a bit of attention lately with her really cool vibe and sound.

and one of my favorites, Groenland. A Canadian indie rock band that seriously rocks! Have many favorite songs from their album but if I had to choose one, “Immune” would be it. Ok, maybe “The Things That I’ve Done” No…  “Criminals”…ugh!  Forget it, the whole album. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard much more from them and really hope they haven’t taken a permanent break.  We shall see.

Cheers all you music lovers!


New music finds

One of the great things about loving music and having teens is sharing that with them.  My kids have always been exposed to all kinds of music, but now they are exploring their own tastes and finding new and interesting sounds that they share with me. It really is a thrill for me to hear…

“Mom! U have got to hear this band!”

My oldest daughter is into some really eclectic indie type bands and always searching for more. We often search together, listening to new stuff for hours. She recently introduced me to a band called, Wye Oak.  I have had their song “Dogs Eyes” on a repeating loop in my head.  It is so good!  I by no means am a music reviewer, but I can recommend a million songs and bands that just touch something inside me and this one did. Its funky and kicks ass.

One of her other favorites that I actually found is First Aid Kit.  These girls have been around since about 2007 or so, but still they are amazing singers.  I’ve really been diggin their newer album called Stay Gold and the song “My Silver Lining” is my favorite. It is hard to believe these ladies are from Sweden. They have a folk/country vibe with beautiful harmonies going on.

Memories are perfectly tied up in songs for me and music has always been my life line and salvation through good and bad times. It thrills my whole being that my kids share my love and my need for music as well.

With that I leave you with the wise words of Abba…
“Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me